Bujinkan Budō Taijutsu
Traditional Japanese Martial Arts in the United Arab Emirates
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Next class tomorrow at 8PM, in KO Gym Dubai Marina.
Call +971 55 555 4631 if this is your first class.

Our Teachers

The Bujinkan UAE instructors have trained under the best Bujinkan Masters in the world and each bring their unique blend of practices from many regions where this art has matured (including Japan, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia). The variety of our personal styles and backgrounds makes training with us a truly unique experience.

We try to make sure that our teachings preserve as much of the spirit of the classes taught in Japan by Sōke Hatsumi and the community of Shihans as possible. For that purpose, we organize training trips to Japan every year to ensure minimum deviation from the original method of teaching. Students who demonstrated a strong alignment with the school teachings, during and beyond the training practice, will be part of the contingent going to Japan. In paralel, we also organize at least two seminars per year, bringing fantastic learning opportunities for students in the country.


Shidōshi Anjaan

Phone +971 55 555 4631 Facebook RJAnjaan
Email anjaan@bujinkan.ae Twitter @AnjaanRJ

Anjaan has always been intrigued with the arts of unarmed fighting and weapon handling. He started his journey in the martial arts by training in Shito Ryū Karate and Shaolin Kung Fu, and practices Zen-Yoga, Aikido and natural internal healing.

When he discovered Bujinkan, he realized that there's much more to martial arts than what he envisioned through his previous training. The Bujinkan was a complete martial arts with its essence aimed at making happier people. A student of Dai Shihan Arnaud Cousergue, Anjaan has trained with Sōke Hatsumi (Japan), Dai Shihan Nagato (Japan), Dai Shihan Noguchi (Japan), Dai Shihan Seno (Japan), Yūshū Shihan Darren Horvath (Australia), Yūshū Shihan Marcelo Ferraro (Argentina), Shihan Oguri (Japan), Shihan Shiraishi (Japan), Shihan Furuta (Japan), Shihan Someya (Japan), Shihan Rob Renner (Japan), Shihan Mark Lithgow (Japan), Shihan Shiva Subamanium (India), Shihan Luboš Pokorný (Czech Republic), Shihan Sandra Elster (Germany), Shihan Robin Doenicke (Australia), Shihan Miky Rosner (Israel), Shihan Paul Masse (Japan), Shihan Eugenio Penna (Italy), and Shihan Chris Chen (USA).

Shidōshi Anjaan currently holds his 10th Dan Black Belt in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. He teaches on Wednesday, 8PM to 9:30PM, at KO Gym Dubai Marina, and on Saturday, 8PM to 9:30PM, at KO Gym Dubai Marina.

Shikin Haramitsu Dai Ko Myo